We spend a considerable amount of time posting, interacting, and perfecting our social media channels. They are our best way to reach and engage our different audiences. If you followed us for some time, please leave us feedback. We will love to hear from you.

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The goals of our social media is to inform, teach and engage the broader data science community. We publish the top posts from our medium publication, carefully curated posts from other websites, and questions that engage our audience. You are welcome to participate.

((Image first question # posted on twitter + link the caption to a post that explain how it works. So I will link all my #campains directly to the explaination there + image send to our first example))

Finally, as we believe that it is crucial to embrace a broader definition of our field, we try to build bridges between data science and the other sciences. Therefore, we curate on purpose broader posts that emphasize how other scientists have been successful in making sense of their data.