We are a small team of like minded people who want to help you, on your data science journey.

What we do

  1. We develop and manage one of the most read online data science publication. Our publication is hosted on Medium.com.
  2. We continuously animate and publish relevant content to our key social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  3. We help our writers to share their concepts, ideas, and codes by providing feedback on their posts, proposing networking opportunities with other writers, and opening a broader audience for their articles. (Patreon).
  4. We build bridges between the world of data science and the other scientific’s fields. (Books, Podcasts).
  5. We help companies to answer critical questions, and to spread their newest ideas to our readers. (Hire us).

Our publication in numbers

+1,000 writers, +2,000 posts, +500,000 visits monthly, + 30,000 Subscribers.

Our team

Inês – Data Science and Machine Learning Editor
Cherie – General Editor
Ludo – Data Science and Machine Learning Editor
Edward – Health & Biomedicine Editor

Thanks to our friends that have helped us along the way: Joanna, Linda, and Peter.

Our story so far

In September 2016, we created a data science publication using Medium. Our goal was simply to gather good posts and distribute them to a broader audience. Just a few months later, we were pleased to see that we had a very fast growing audience and many contributors.

In June 2017, Towards Data Science already provides a platform for thousands of people to exchange ideas and to expand our understanding of data science. Our audience is now mixed, consisting of readers entirely new to the subject and expert professionals who want to share their inventions and discoveries.

In September 2017, we decided to expand our medium publication by launching several projects: a Patreon page and a new website. We aim to become financially sustainable, and bring more value to the data science community.

How are you funded?

We’re funded by our Patrons supporters, selected corporate sponsoring and consulting. All our benefices are reinvested into our organization with the aim to bring more value to the data science community.

Twitter mentions and other apparitions

Accenture Technology, Kaggle, Data Elixir, KDnuggets, Data Science Weekly, Data Science Dojo, Brandwatch React.

They published with us

Some prominent people in data-related fields that have already published with us: Rama RamakrishnanEugenio CulurcielloDj PatilArthur Gretton and Rob Thomas. Managers, engineers, statisticians, machine learning researchers and data scientists from Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Data Camps, and Shopify have also written for Towards Data Science.

How can you contribute?

You can contribute by becoming a writer of Towards Data Science, or you can support our organisation by pledging a monthly contribution.