In October 2016, we created a data science publication using Medium. Our goal was simply to gather good posts and distribute them to a broader audience. Just a few months later, we were pleased to see that we had a very fast growing audience and many contributors.

Today, Towards Data Science provides a platform for thousands of people to exchange ideas and to expand our understanding of data science. Our audience is mixed, consisting of readers entirely new to the subject and expert professionals who want to share their inventions and discoveries.

Now that our readership has grown and we are attracting contributions from fantastic writers every day, we feel it’s time to ‘up our game’. We want to provide robust support to allow our writers to develop their talents via editorial guidance. Also, we want to continue to present well-written, informative articles that our audience is excited to read.

Our newest projects

Thank you all for having participated to our survey! We continue to aim to help people and companies to advance on their data science path, because we believe this knowledge is crucial to make the world a better place. Any ideas and feedback are welcomed.

How do we decide our next projects?

As you may have seen, we are working on several projects on the same time:

  • Developing guides to help individuals and companies on their learning path.
  • We started a small book to introduce very broadly how we make sense of data.
  • We reflect on a new podcast channel to build bridges between data science and the others sciences.

If any of these projects interest you, you can subscribe on our new official newsletter.

Some of you have asked how do we choses our projects. Our way of proceeding is to see what miss in the data science landscape, or where we could bring value to individuals and companies and try to craft a solution. Only after, we reflect on how we will get enough money get  our projects going.

Our engagement to make the world a better place prime on everything we are doing.

We evaluate potential projects by asking six questions:
  • How ready are we to start this project?
  • How much value will it bring to our community?
  • How much value will it bring to our readers?
  • How much value will it bring to our writers?
  • How much time/funds do we need?
  • What is the percentage of success?
  • How much value will it bring to our organizational mission?

After answering to all these questions we compare the potential project and order them by priorities.

If you have an ideas of project you want to do with us please feel free to reach out.