We aim to help people and companies to advance on their data science path, because we believe this knowledge is crucial to make the world a better place.

Where to start?

It’s not always simple to know how to devop the skills in an efficient way, or where to start in the world may be new to you, or if you are mid way, where to go from here. We are here to help individu and company (link to company guide) to reach their next step.

Get your data-driven guide. (Beta) 

If you looking to get better in data science, then have a look on our guile. You need to answer questions for 10 min then recevie answers customised to you to get onto your next step.

Beta version, recevied on Friday, for more information please check here -> link to porfolio guides. 

Read, write and codes

Explain more why it’s so crutial to participate to the community.

Check medium, then when ready think to participate. Write on Medium and participate to the community on social media and on slack. if not sure of your english level try to reahc for help.

Quotidianly build bridges with the others science 

Explain more why it’s crucial to be able to talk to others fields.

Our book and podcast.

If we bring you value, think about supporting us

That will enable us to help others.

We also help companies to develop data science team and solve problems (link)