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We help people and companies to advance on their data science path, because we believe this knowledge is crucial to make the world a better place.

“My experience with the TDS team has been nothing short of amazing. Their incredible community of writers and readers provides an excellent audience for all things AI—from basic tutorials to advanced research, projects, and paper analysis. The TDS team is fast, responsive, and very experienced in this field. I would highly recommend people pay attention to this publication. In a world increasingly aided by AI, it is crucial to keep abreast of the latest developments, and TDS is the best place to learn about all the exciting technologies being developed.”

Abhinav Suri, Biomedical Researcher and Teaching Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Data science is in the midst of a Renaissance. The Renaissance is driven by the community, and Towards Data Science is one of the pre-eminent community sources for information.”

Rob Thomas, Leading Analytics software at IBM.

“Learning about and practicing data science is a lot more fun when there is a community to draw new ideas from, and to share ideas with.Towards Data Science is a great platform to stay informed about what is happening within the data science community, and to share my work!”

Gabriel Tseng, Researcher McGill University.

“New ways of learning from data are transforming nearly all aspects of society. Venues for sharing lessons learned and the latest advances are critical to being sure these new approaches make the greatest possible impact. Toward Data Science is a model example of how we can come together as a community to accelerate positive change.”

Leonard D’Avolio, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of Cyft.

Towards Data Science is a family of like-minded people who want to spread their passion for all things data. In a world that is increasingly more automated by machines while inequality prevents the poor from education, Towards Data Science, like many other publications, provides all people with a chance to democratize, share, and learn frontier knowledge from each other.”

Nahua Kang, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Stockholm School of Economics.

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